Support for the Ruby 2.4 series has ended. See here for reference.

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  • rubygems/resolver/installed_specification.rb

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An InstalledSpecification represents a gem that is already installed locally.

Public Instance Methods

install(options = {}) click to toggle source

This is a null install as this specification is already installed. options are ignored.

               # File rubygems/resolver/installed_specification.rb, line 18
def install options = {}
  yield nil
installable_platform?() click to toggle source

Returns true if this gem is installable for the current platform.

               # File rubygems/resolver/installed_specification.rb, line 25
def installable_platform?
  # BACKCOMPAT If the file is coming out of a specified file, then we
  # ignore the platform. This code can be removed in RG 3.0.
  return true if @source.kind_of? Gem::Source::SpecificFile

source() click to toggle source

The source for this specification

               # File rubygems/resolver/installed_specification.rb, line 54
def source
  @source ||=