Support for the Ruby 2.4 series has ended. See here for reference.

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Parse a non-source file. We basically take the whole thing as one big comment.

Public Class Methods

new(top_level, file_name, content, options, stats) click to toggle source

Prepare to parse a plain file

               # File rdoc/parser/simple.rb, line 17
def initialize(top_level, file_name, content, options, stats)

  preprocess = @file_name, @options.rdoc_include

  preprocess.handle @content, @top_level

Public Instance Methods

remove_coding_comment(text) click to toggle source

Removes the encoding magic comment from text

               # File rdoc/parser/simple.rb, line 41
def remove_coding_comment text
  text.sub(/\A# .*coding[=:].*$/, '')
remove_private_comment(comment) click to toggle source

Removes private comments.

Unlike RDoc::Comment#remove_private this implementation only looks for two dashes at the beginning of the line. Three or more dashes are considered to be a rule and ignored.

               # File rdoc/parser/simple.rb, line 52
def remove_private_comment comment
  # Workaround for gsub encoding for Ruby 1.9.2 and earlier
  empty = ''
  empty.force_encoding comment.encoding

  comment = comment.gsub(%r%^--\n.*?^\+\+\n?%m, empty)
  comment.sub(%r%^--\n.*%m, empty)
scan() click to toggle source

Extract the file contents and attach them to the TopLevel as a comment

               # File rdoc/parser/simple.rb, line 28
def scan
  comment = remove_coding_comment @content
  comment = remove_private_comment comment

  comment = comment, @top_level

  @top_level.comment = comment