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Class responsible for converting between an object and its id.

This, the default implementation, uses an object's local ObjectSpace __id__ as its id. This means that an object's identification over drb remains valid only while that object instance remains alive within the server runtime.

For alternative mechanisms, see DRb::TimerIdConv in rdb/timeridconv.rb and DRbNameIdConv in sample/name.rb in the full drb distribution.

Public Instance Methods

to_id(obj) click to toggle source

Convert an object into a reference id.

This implementation returns the object's __id__ in the local object space.

               # File drb/drb.rb, line 379
def to_id(obj)
  obj.nil? ? nil : obj.__id__
to_obj(ref) click to toggle source

Convert an object reference id to an object.

This implementation looks up the reference id in the local object space and returns the object it refers to.

               # File drb/drb.rb, line 371
def to_obj(ref)