Support for the Ruby 2.4 series has ended. See here for reference.

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Raised when a method is called on a receiver which doesn't have it defined and also fails to respond with method_missing.


raises the exception:

NoMethodError: undefined method `to_ary' for "hello":String

Public Class Methods

new([msg, *, name [, args]]) → no_method_error click to toggle source

Construct a NoMethodError exception for a method of the given name called with the given arguments. The name may be accessed using the #name method on the resulting object, and the arguments using the #args method.

               static VALUE
nometh_err_initialize(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
    VALUE priv = (argc > 3) && (--argc, RTEST(argv[argc])) ? Qtrue : Qfalse;
    VALUE args = (argc > 2) ? argv[--argc] : Qnil;
    name_err_initialize(argc, argv, self);
    rb_ivar_set(self, id_args, args);
    rb_ivar_set(self, id_private_call_p, RTEST(priv) ? Qtrue : Qfalse);
    return self;

Public Instance Methods

args → obj click to toggle source

Return the arguments passed in as the third parameter to the constructor.

               static VALUE
nometh_err_args(VALUE self)
    return rb_attr_get(self, id_args);
private_call?() click to toggle source
               static VALUE
nometh_err_private_call_p(VALUE self)
    return rb_attr_get(self, id_private_call_p);