class Etc::Group

Group is a placeholder Struct for user group database on Unix systems.

The struct contains the following members


contains the name of the group as a String.


contains the encrypted password as a String. An 'x' is returned if password access to the group is not available; an empty string is returned if no password is needed to obtain membership of the group. This is system-dependent.


contains the group’s numeric ID as an integer.


is an Array of Strings containing the short login names of the members of the group.

Public Class Methods

Etc::Group.each { |group| block } → Etc::Group click to toggle source
Etc::Group.each → Enumerator

Iterates for each entry in the /etc/group file if a block is given.

If no block is given, returns the Enumerator.

The code block is passed a Group struct.


require 'etc'

Etc::Group.each {|g|
  puts + ": " + g.mem.join(', ')

Etc::Group.collect {|g|} {|g| !g.mem.empty?}
static VALUE
etc_each_group(VALUE obj)
    RETURN_ENUMERATOR(obj, 0, 0);
    return obj;