class Minitest::Runnable

Represents anything “runnable”, like Test, Spec, Benchmark, or whatever you can dream up.

Subclasses of this are automatically registered and available in Runnable.runnables.



Number of assertions executed in this run.


An assertion raised during the run, if any.


The time it took to run.

Public Class Methods

methods_matching(re) click to toggle source

Returns all instance methods matching the pattern re.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 303
def self.methods_matching re
run(reporter, options = {}) click to toggle source

Responsible for running all runnable methods in a given class, each in its own instance. Each instance is passed to the reporter to record.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 318
def reporter, options = {}
  filter = options[:filter] || "/./"
  filter = $1 if filter.is_a?(String) && filter =~ %r%/(.*)/%

  filtered_methods = self.runnable_methods.find_all { |m|
    filter === m || filter === "#{self}##{m}"

  exclude = options[:exclude]
  exclude = $1 if exclude =~ %r%/(.*)/%

  filtered_methods.delete_if { |m|
    exclude === m || exclude === "#{self}##{m}"

  return if filtered_methods.empty?

  with_info_handler reporter do
    filtered_methods.each do |method_name|
      run_one_method self, method_name, reporter
run_one_method(klass, method_name, reporter) click to toggle source

Runs a single method and has the reporter record the result. This was considered internal API but is factored out of run so that subclasses can specialize the running of an individual test. See Minitest::ParallelTest::ClassMethods for an example.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 348
def self.run_one_method klass, method_name, reporter
  reporter.prerecord klass, method_name
  reporter.record Minitest.run_one_method(klass, method_name)
runnable_methods() click to toggle source

Each subclass of Runnable is responsible for overriding this method to return all runnable methods. See methods_matching.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 385
def self.runnable_methods
  raise NotImplementedError, "subclass responsibility"
runnables() click to toggle source

Returns all subclasses of Runnable.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 392
def self.runnables

Public Instance Methods

name() click to toggle source

Name of the run.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 289
def name
name=(o) click to toggle source

Set the name of the run.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 296
def name= o
  @NAME = o
passed?() click to toggle source

Did this run pass?

Note: skipped runs are not considered passing, but they don’t cause the process to exit non-zero.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 435
def passed?
  raise NotImplementedError, "subclass responsibility"
result_code() click to toggle source

Returns a single character string to print based on the result of the run. One of ".", "F", "E" or "S".

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 444
def result_code
  raise NotImplementedError, "subclass responsibility"
run() click to toggle source

Runs a single method. Needs to return self.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 425
def run
  raise NotImplementedError, "subclass responsibility"
skipped?() click to toggle source

Was this run skipped? See passed? for more information.

# File minitest-5.15.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 451
def skipped?
  raise NotImplementedError, "subclass responsibility"