Source Repository

Rake is currently hosted at github. The github web page is . The public git clone URL is

Running the Rake Test Suite

If you wish to run the unit and functional tests that come with Rake:


Rake uses Rubocop to enforce a consistent style on new changes being proposed. You can check your code with Rubocop using:

$ ./bin/rubocop

Issues and Bug Reports

Feel free to submit commits or feature requests. If you send a patch, remember to update the corresponding unit tests. In fact, I prefer new feature to be submitted in the form of new unit tests.

For other information, feel free to ask on the ruby-talk mailing list.

If you have found a bug in rake please try with the latest version of rake before filing an issue. Also check History.rdoc for bug fixes that may have addressed your issue.

When submitting pull requests please check the rake Travis-CI page for test failures: