class Gem::Resolver::APISpecification

Represents a specification retrieved via the API.

This is used to avoid loading the full Specification object when all we need is the name, version, and dependencies.

Public Class Methods

new(set, api_data) click to toggle source

Creates an APISpecification for the given set from the api_data.

See for the format of the api_data.

Calls superclass method Gem::Resolver::Specification::new
# File rubygems/resolver/api_specification.rb, line 17
def initialize(set, api_data)

  @set = set
  @name = api_data[:name]
  @version = api_data[:number]
  @platform = api_data[:platform]
  @original_platform = api_data[:platform]
  @dependencies = api_data[:dependencies].map do |name, ver| name, ver.split(/\s*,\s*/)