class Regexp

Public Class Methods

json_create(object) click to toggle source

Deserializes JSON string by constructing new Regexp object with source s (Regexp or String) and options o serialized by to_json

# File json/lib/json/add/regexp.rb, line 11
def self.json_create(object)
  new(object['s'], object['o'])

Public Instance Methods

as_json(*) click to toggle source

Returns a hash, that will be turned into a JSON object and represent this object.

# File json/lib/json/add/regexp.rb, line 17
def as_json(*)
    JSON.create_id =>,
    'o'            => options,
    's'            => source,
to_json(*args) click to toggle source

Stores class name (Regexp) with options o and source s (Regexp or String) as JSON string

# File json/lib/json/add/regexp.rb, line 27
def to_json(*args)