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Handle text with attributes. We’re a base class: there are different presentation classes (one, for example, uses overstrikes to handle bold and underlining, while another using ANSI escape sequences.

Public Instance Methods

wrap(txt, prefix=@indent, linelen=@width) click to toggle source

Overrides base class. Looks for ... etc sequences and generates an array of AttrChars. This array is then used as the basis for the split.

               # File rdoc/ri/formatter.rb, line 289
def wrap(txt, prefix=@indent, linelen=@width)
  return unless txt && !txt.empty?

  txt = add_attributes_to(txt)
  next_prefix ="^ ", " ")
  linelen -= prefix.size

  line = []

  until txt.empty?
    word = txt.next_word
    if word.size + line.size > linelen
      write_attribute_text(prefix, line)
      prefix = next_prefix
      line = []

  write_attribute_text(prefix, line) if line.length > 0

Protected Instance Methods

bold_print(txt) click to toggle source
               # File rdoc/ri/formatter.rb, line 321
def bold_print(txt)
  @output.print txt
write_attribute_text(prefix, line) click to toggle source
               # File rdoc/ri/formatter.rb, line 313
def write_attribute_text(prefix, line)
  @output.print prefix
  line.each do |achar|
    @output.print achar.char

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