Programming Ruby

The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide

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module GC


disable enable start garbage_collect

The GC module provides an interface to Ruby's mark and sweep garbage collection mechanism. Some of the underlying methods are also available via the ObjectSpace module, described beginning on page 430.

class methods
disable GC.disable -> true or false

Disables garbage collection, returning true if garbage collection was already disabled.

GC.disable false
GC.disable true

enable GC.enable -> true or false

Enables garbage collection, returning true if garbage collection was disabled.

GC.disable false
GC.enable true
GC.enable false

start GC.start -> nil

Initiates garbage collection, unless manually disabled.

GC.start nil

instance methods
garbage_collect garbage_collect -> nil

Equivalent to GC::start .

include GC
garbage_collect nil

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