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NEWS for Ruby 3.0.0

This document is a list of user visible feature changes since the 2.7.0 release, except for bug fixes.

Note that each entry is kept so brief that no reason behind or reference information is supplied with. For a full list of changes with all sufficient information, see the ChangeLog file or Redmine (e.g.$FEATURE_OR_BUG_NUMBER).

Language changes

Command line options

--help option

When the environment variable RUBY_PAGER or PAGER is present and has non-empty value, and the standard input and output are tty, --help option shows the help message via the pager designated by the value. [Feature #16754]

Core classes updates

Outstanding ones only.

Stdlib updates

Outstanding ones only.

Compatibility issues

Excluding feature bug fixes.

Stdlib compatibility issues

C API updates

Implementation improvements



Miscellaneous changes