module Bundler::FriendlyErrors

Public Instance Methods

exit_status(error) click to toggle source
# File bundler/friendly_errors.rb, line 50
def exit_status(error)
  case error
  when BundlerError then error.status_code
  when Thor::Error then 15
  when SystemExit then error.status
  else 1
issues_url(exception) click to toggle source
# File bundler/friendly_errors.rb, line 113
def issues_url(exception)
  message =":", " ").chomp
  message = message.split("-").first if exception.is_a?(Errno)
  require "cgi"
  "" \
log_error(error) click to toggle source
# File bundler/friendly_errors.rb, line 9
    def log_error(error)
      case error
      when YamlSyntaxError
        Bundler.ui.error error.message
        Bundler.ui.trace error.orig_exception
      when Dsl::DSLError, GemspecError
        Bundler.ui.error error.message
      when GemRequireError
        Bundler.ui.error error.message
        Bundler.ui.trace error.orig_exception
      when BundlerError
        Bundler.ui.error error.message, :wrap => true
        Bundler.ui.trace error
      when Thor::Error
        Bundler.ui.error error.message
      when LoadError
        raise error unless error.message =~ /cannot load such file -- openssl||
        Bundler.ui.error "\nCould not load OpenSSL."
        Bundler.ui.warn <<-WARN, :wrap => true
          You must recompile Ruby with OpenSSL support or change the sources in your \
          Gemfile from 'https' to 'http'. Instructions for compiling with OpenSSL \
          using RVM are available at
        Bundler.ui.trace error
      when Interrupt
        Bundler.ui.error "\nQuitting..."
        Bundler.ui.trace error
      when Gem::InvalidSpecificationException
        Bundler.ui.error error.message, :wrap => true
      when SystemExit
      when *[defined?(Java::JavaLang::OutOfMemoryError) && Java::JavaLang::OutOfMemoryError].compact
        Bundler.ui.error "\nYour JVM has run out of memory, and Bundler cannot continue. " \
          "You can decrease the amount of memory Bundler needs by removing gems from your Gemfile, " \
          "especially large gems. (Gems can be as large as hundreds of megabytes, and Bundler has to read those files!). " \
          "Alternatively, you can increase the amount of memory the JVM is able to use by running Bundler with jruby -J-Xmx1024m -S bundle (JRuby defaults to 500MB)."
      else request_issue_report_for(error)
    rescue StandardError
      raise error
request_issue_report_for(e) click to toggle source
# File bundler/friendly_errors.rb, line 59
    def request_issue_report_for(e) <<-EOS.gsub(/^ {8}/, "")
        --- ERROR REPORT TEMPLATE -------------------------------------------------------
        # Error Report

        ## Questions

        Please fill out answers to these questions, it'll help us figure out
        why things are going wrong.

        - **What did you do?**

          I ran the command `#{$PROGRAM_NAME} #{ARGV.join(" ")}`

        - **What did you expect to happen?**

          I expected Bundler to...

        - **What happened instead?**

          Instead, what happened was...

        - **Have you tried any solutions posted on similar issues in our issue tracker, stack overflow, or google?**

          I tried...

        - **Have you read our issues document,**


        ## Backtrace

        #{e.class}: #{e.message}
          #{e.backtrace && e.backtrace.join("\n          ").chomp}

        --- TEMPLATE END ----------------------------------------------------------------


      Bundler.ui.error "Unfortunately, an unexpected error occurred, and Bundler cannot continue."

      Bundler.ui.warn <<-EOS.gsub(/^ {8}/, "")

        First, try this link to see if there are any existing issue reports for this error:

        If there aren't any reports for this error yet, please create copy and paste the report template above into a new issue. Don't forget to anonymize any private data! The new issue form is located at: