module Minitest

Public Class Methods

__run(reporter, options) click to toggle source

Internal run method. Responsible for telling all Runnable sub-classes to run.

# File minitest-5.13.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 155
def self.__run reporter, options
  suites = Runnable.runnables.reject { |s| s.runnable_methods.empty? }.shuffle
  parallel, serial = suites.partition { |s| s.test_order == :parallel }

  # If we run the parallel tests before the serial tests, the parallel tests
  # could run in parallel with the serial tests. This would be bad because
  # the serial tests won't lock around Reporter#record. Run the serial tests
  # first, so that after they complete, the parallel tests will lock when
  # recording results. { |suite| reporter, options } + { |suite| reporter, options }
after_run(&block) click to toggle source

A simple hook allowing you to run a block of code after everything is done running. Eg:

Minitest.after_run { p $debugging_info }
# File minitest-5.13.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 79
def self.after_run &block
  @@after_run << block
autorun() click to toggle source

Registers Minitest to run at process exit

# File minitest-5.13.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 55
def self.autorun
  at_exit {
    next if $! and not ($!.kind_of? SystemExit and $!.success?)

    exit_code = nil

    pid =
    at_exit {
      next if != pid
      exit exit_code || false

    exit_code = ARGV
  } unless @@installed_at_exit
  @@installed_at_exit = true
run(args = []) click to toggle source

This is the top-level run method. Everything starts from here. It tells each Runnable sub-class to run, and each of those are responsible for doing whatever they do.

The overall structure of a run looks like this:

    Minitest.__run(reporter, options)
      Runnable.runnables.each, options)
            self.run_one_method(self, runnable_method, reporter)
              Minitest.run_one_method(klass, runnable_method)
# File minitest-5.13.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 125
def args = []
  self.load_plugins unless args.delete("--no-plugins") || ENV["MT_NO_PLUGINS"]

  options = process_args args

  reporter =
  reporter <<[:io], options)
  reporter <<[:io], options)

  self.reporter = reporter # this makes it available to plugins
  self.init_plugins options
  self.reporter = nil # runnables shouldn't depend on the reporter, ever

  self.parallel_executor.start if parallel_executor.respond_to?(:start)
    __run reporter, options
  rescue Interrupt
    warn "Interrupted. Exiting..."


Public Instance Methods

unknown() click to toggle source

Parallel test executor

# File minitest-5.13.0/lib/minitest.rb, line 23
mc.send :attr_accessor, :parallel_executor