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Represents a node in the tree. Nodes are never encountered except as superclasses of other objects. Nodes have siblings.

Public Instance Methods

each_recursive() click to toggle source

Visit all subnodes of self recursively

               # File rexml/node.rb, line 53
def each_recursive(&block) # :yields: node
  self.elements.each {|node|
find_first_recursive() click to toggle source

Find (and return) first subnode (recursively) for which the block evaluates to true. Returns nil if none was found.

               # File rexml/node.rb, line 62
def find_first_recursive(&block) # :yields: node
  each_recursive {|node|
    return node if
  return nil
indent(to, ind) click to toggle source
               # File rexml/node.rb, line 38
def indent to, ind
                    if @parent and @parent.context and not @parent.context[:indentstyle].nil? then
                            indentstyle = @parent.context[:indentstyle]
                            indentstyle = '  '
                    to << indentstyle*ind unless ind<1
index_in_parent() click to toggle source

Returns the position that self holds in its parent’s array, indexed from 1.

               # File rexml/node.rb, line 71
def index_in_parent
next_sibling_node() click to toggle source

@return the next sibling (nil if unset)

               # File rexml/node.rb, line 10
def next_sibling_node
  return nil if @parent.nil?
  @parent[ @parent.index(self) + 1 ]
parent?() click to toggle source
               # File rexml/node.rb, line 47
def parent?
previous_sibling_node() click to toggle source

@return the previous sibling (nil if unset)

               # File rexml/node.rb, line 16
def previous_sibling_node
  return nil if @parent.nil?
  ind = @parent.index(self)
  return nil if ind == 0
  @parent[ ind - 1 ]
to_s(indent=nil) click to toggle source

DEPRECATED This parameter is now ignored. See the formatters in the REXML::Formatters package for changing the output style.

               # File rexml/node.rb, line 26
def to_s indent=nil
  unless indent.nil?
    Kernel.warn( "#{}.to_s(indent) parameter is deprecated" )
    f = indent )
    f.write( self, rv = "" )
    f =
    f.write( self, rv = "" )
  return rv

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