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BigDecimal extends the native Rational class to provide the to_d method.

When you require BigDecimal in your application, this method will be available on Rational objects.

Public Instance Methods

to_d → bigdecimal click to toggle source
to_d(sig) → bigdecimal

Converts a Rational to a BigDecimal. Takes an optional parameter sig to limit the amount of significant digits.

r = (22/7.0).to_r
# => (7077085128725065/2251799813685248)
# => #<BigDecimal:1a52bd8,'0.3142857142 8571427937 0154144999 105E1',45(63)>
# => #<BigDecimal:1a44d08,'0.314E1',18(36)>
               # File bigdecimal/lib/bigdecimal/util.rb, line 119
def to_d(precision)
  if precision <= 0
    raise ArgumentError, "negative precision"
  num = self.numerator
  BigDecimal(num).div(self.denominator, precision)

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