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A template for stream parser listeners. Note that the declarations (attlistdecl, elementdecl, etc) are trivially processed; REXML doesn’t yet handle doctype entity declarations, so you have to parse them out yourself.

Public Instance Methods

attlistdecl(element_name, attributes, raw_content) click to toggle source

If a doctype includes an ATTLIST declaration, it will cause this method to be called. The content is the declaration itself, unparsed. EG, <!ATTLIST el attr CDATA #REQUIRED> will come to this method as “el attr CDATA #REQUIRED”. This is the same for all of the .*decl methods.

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 50
def attlistdecl element_name, attributes, raw_content
cdata(content) click to toggle source

Called when <![CDATA[ … ]]> is encountered in a document. @p content “…”

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 82
def cdata content
comment(comment) click to toggle source

Called when a comment is encountered. @p comment The content of the comment

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 32
def comment comment
doctype(name, pub_sys, long_name, uri) click to toggle source

Handles a doctype declaration. Any attributes of the doctype which are not supplied will be nil. # EG, <!DOCTYPE me PUBLIC “foo” “bar”> @p name the name of the doctype; EG, “me” @p pub_sys “PUBLIC”, “SYSTEM”, or nil. EG, “PUBLIC” @p long_name the supplied long name, or nil. EG, “foo” @p uri the uri of the doctype, or nil. EG, “bar”

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 40
def doctype name, pub_sys, long_name, uri
doctype_end() click to toggle source

Called when the doctype is done

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 43
def doctype_end
elementdecl(content) click to toggle source


               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 53
def elementdecl content
entity(content) click to toggle source

Called when %foo; is encountered in a doctype declaration. @p content “foo”

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 78
def entity content
entitydecl(content) click to toggle source

<!ENTITY …> The argument passed to this method is an array of the entity declaration. It can be in a number of formats, but in general it returns (example, result):

<!ENTITY % YN '"Yes"'>  
["%", "YN", "'\"Yes\"'", "\""]
<!ENTITY % YN 'Yes'>
["%", "YN", "'Yes'", "s"]
<!ENTITY WhatHeSaid "He said %YN;">
["WhatHeSaid", "\"He said %YN;\"", "YN"]
<!ENTITY open-hatch SYSTEM "">
["open-hatch", "SYSTEM", "\"\""]
<!ENTITY open-hatch PUBLIC "-//Textuality//TEXT Standard open-hatch boilerplate//EN" "">
["open-hatch", "PUBLIC", "\"-//Textuality//TEXT Standard open-hatch boilerplate//EN\"", "\"\""]
<!ENTITY hatch-pic SYSTEM "../grafix/OpenHatch.gif" NDATA gif>
["hatch-pic", "SYSTEM", "\"../grafix/OpenHatch.gif\"", "\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\tNDATA gif", "gif"]
               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 71
def entitydecl content
instruction(name, instruction) click to toggle source

Called when an instruction is encountered. EG: <?xsl sheet=‘foo’?> @p name the instruction name; in the example, “xsl” @p instruction the rest of the instruction. In the example, “sheet=‘foo’”

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 28
def instruction name, instruction
notationdecl(content) click to toggle source


               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 74
def notationdecl content
tag_end(name) click to toggle source

Called when the end tag is reached. In the case of <tag/>, #tag_end will be called immidiately after #tag_start @p the name of the tag

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 18
def tag_end name
tag_start(name, attrs) click to toggle source

Called when a tag is encountered. @p name the tag name @p attrs an array of arrays of attribute/value pairs, suitable for use with assoc or rassoc. IE, <tag attr1=“value1” attr2=“value2”> will result in #tag_start( “tag”, # [[“attr1”,“value1”],])

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 13
def tag_start name, attrs
text(text) click to toggle source

Called when text is encountered in the document @p text the text content.

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 22
def text text
xmldecl(version, encoding, standalone) click to toggle source

Called when an XML PI is encountered in the document. EG: <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf”?> @p version the version attribute value. EG, “1.0” @p encoding the encoding attribute value, or nil. EG, “utf” @p standalone the standalone attribute value, or nil. EG, nil

               # File rexml/streamlistener.rb, line 89
def xmldecl version, encoding, standalone

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