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Represents an XML Instruction; IE, <? … ?> TODO: Add parent arg (3rd arg) to constructor





target is the “name” of the Instruction; IE, the “tag” in <?tag …?> content is everything else.


target is the “name” of the Instruction; IE, the “tag” in <?tag …?> content is everything else.

Public Class Methods

new(target, content=nil) click to toggle source

Constructs a new Instruction @param target can be one of a number of things. If String, then the target of this instruction is set to this. If an Instruction, then the Instruction is shallowly cloned (target and content are copied). If a Source, then the source is scanned and parsed for an Instruction declaration. @param content Must be either a String, or a Parent. Can only be a Parent if the target argument is a Source. Otherwise, this String is set as the content of this instruction.

               # File rexml/instruction.rb, line 24
def initialize(target, content=nil)
        if target.kind_of? String
                @target = target
                @content = content
        elsif target.kind_of? Instruction
                @target =
                @content = target.content
        @content.strip! if @content

Public Instance Methods

==( other ) click to toggle source

@return true if other is an Instruction, and the content and target of the other matches the target and content of this object.

               # File rexml/instruction.rb, line 56
def ==( other )
        other.kind_of? Instruction and == @target and
        other.content == @content
clone() click to toggle source
               # File rexml/instruction.rb, line 37
def clone self
inspect() click to toggle source
               # File rexml/instruction.rb, line 66
def inspect
  "<?p-i #{target} ...?>"
node_type() click to toggle source
               # File rexml/instruction.rb, line 62
def node_type
write(writer, indent=-1, transitive=false, ie_hack=false) click to toggle source


See the rexml/formatters package

               # File rexml/instruction.rb, line 44
          def write writer, indent=-1, transitive=false, ie_hack=false
Kernel.warn( "#{}.write is deprecated" )
                  indent(writer, indent)
                  writer << START.sub(/\/u, '')
                  writer << @target
                  writer << ' '
                  writer << @content
                  writer << STOP.sub(/\/u, '')

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