@echo off

:top shift if “%0” equ “” goto :eof if “%0” equ “–cflags” goto cflags if “%0” equ “–ldflags” goto ldflags if “%0” equ “–ldflags-before-libs” goto ldflagsbeforelibs if “%0” equ “–libs” goto libs if “%0” equ “–help” goto showhelp echo Invalid Option goto :eof

:cflags echo MRUBY_CFLAGS goto top

:libs echo MRUBY_LIBS goto top

:ldflags echo MRUBY_LDFLAGS goto top

:ldflagsbeforelibs echo MRUBY_LDFLAGS_BEFORE_LIBS goto top

:showhelp echo Usage: mruby-config [switches] echo switches: echo –cflags print flags passed to compiler echo –ldflags print flags passed to linker echo –ldflags-before-libs print flags passwd to linker before linked libraries echo –libs print linked libraries