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module Math


atan2 cos exp frexp ldexp log log10 sin sqrt tan

The Math module contains module functions for basic trigonometric and transcendental functions.


E 2.718281828 Value of e (base of natural logarithms)
PI 3.141592654 Value of PI

class methods
atan2 Math.atan2( y, x ) -> aFloat

Computes the arc tangent given y and x. Returns -PI..PI.

cos Math.cos( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Computes the cosine of aNumeric (expressed in radians). Returns -1..1.

exp Math.exp( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Returns e raised to the power of aNumeric.

frexp Math.frexp( aNumeric ) -> anArray

Returns a two-element array ([aFloat, aFixnum]) containing the normalized fraction and exponent of aNumeric.

ldexp Math.ldexp( aFloat, anInteger ) -> aFloat

Returns the value of aFloat *2 anInteger .

log Math.log( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Returns the natural logarithm of aNumeric.

log10 Math.log10( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Returns the base 10 logarithm of aNumeric.

sin Math.sin( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Computes the sine of aNumeric (expressed in radians). Returns -1..1.

sqrt Math.sqrt( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Returns the non-negative square root of aNumeric. Raises ArgError if aNumeric is less than zero.

tan Math.tan( aNumeric ) -> aFloat

Returns the tangent of aNumeric (expressed in radians).

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