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The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide

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class Proc
Parent: Object
Version: 1.6


new [ ] arity call

Proc objects are blocks of code that have been bound to a set of local variables. Once bound, the code may be called in different contexts and still access those variables.

def genTimes(factor)
  return {|n| n*factor }
times3 = genTimes(3)
times5 = genTimes(5) 36 25 60

class methods
new [{| | block } ] -> aProc

Creates a new Proc object, bound to the current context. It may be called without a block only within a method with an attached block, in which case that block is converted to the Proc object.

def procFrom
aProc = procFrom { "hello" } "hello"

instance methods
[ ] prc[ [ params ]* ] -> anObject

Synonym for

arity prc.arity -> anInteger

Returns the number of arguments required by the block. If the block takes no arguments, returns -1. If it takes one argument, returns -2. Otherwise, returns a positive argument count unless the last argument is prefixed with *, in which case the argument count is negated. The number of required arguments is anInteger for positive values, and ( anInteger +1).abs otherwise. {||}.arity 0 {|a|}.arity -1 {|a,b|}.arity 2 {|a,b,c|}.arity 3 {|*a|}.arity -1 {|a,*b|}.arity -2

call [ params ]* ) -> anObject

Invokes the block, setting the block's parameters to the values in params using the same rules as used by parallel assignment. Returns the value of the last expression evaluated in the block.

aProc = {|a, *b| b.collect {|i| i*a }}, 1, 2, 3) [9, 18, 27]
aProc[9, 1, 2, 3] [9, 18, 27]

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