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class Class
Parent: Module
Version: 1.6


inherited new new superclass

Classes in Ruby are first-class objects---each is an instance of class Class.

When a new class is created (typically using class Name ... end), an object of type Class is created and assigned to a global constant (Name in this case). When is called to create a new object, the new method in Class is run by default. This can be demonstrated by overriding new in Class:

class Class
   alias oldNew  new
   def new(*args)
     print "Creating a new ",, "\n"

 class Name  end

 n =
Creating a new Name

class methods
inherited aClass.inherited( aSubClass )

This is a singleton method (per class) invoked by Ruby when a subclass of aClass is created. The new subclass is passed as a parameter.

class Top
  def Top.inherited(sub)
    print "New subclass: ", sub, "\n"

class Middle < Top end

class Bottom < Middle end
New subclass: Middle
New subclass: Bottom

new aSuperClass=Object ) -> aClass

Creates a new anonymous (unnamed) class with the given superclass (or Object if no parameter is given).

instance methods
new [ args ]* ) -> anObject

Creates a new object of aClass's class, then invokes that object's initialize method, passing it args.

superclass aClass.superclass -> aSuperClass or nil

Returns the superclass of aClass, or nil.

Class.superclass Module
Object.superclass nil

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