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RDoc-style documentation for Ruby keywords (1.9.1).

David A. Black

June 29, 2009

Yes, I KNOW that they aren’t methods. I’ve just put them in that format to produce the familiar RDoc output. I’ve been focusing on the content.

If anyone has a good idea for how to package and distribute it, let me know. I haven’t really thought it through.

Also, if you spot any errors or significant omissions, let me know. Keep in mind that I’m documenting the keywords themselves, not the entities they represent. Thus there is not full coverage of, say, what a class is, or how exceptions work.

Changes since first release:

Commenting is here to help enhance the documentation. For example, code samples, or clarification of the documentation.

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If you wish to post a correction of the docs, please do so, but also file bug report so that it can be corrected for the next release. Thank you.

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