Support for the Ruby 2.1 series ended on March 31 2017. See here for details.

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  • stringio/stringio.c

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Public Instance Methods

strio << obj → strio click to toggle source

See IO#<<.

               #define strio_addstr rb_io_addstr
printf(format_string [, obj, ...] ) → nil click to toggle source

See IO#printf.

               #define strio_printf rb_io_printf
puts(obj, ...) → nil click to toggle source

See IO#puts.

               #define strio_puts rb_io_puts
write_nonblock(p1, p2 = {}) click to toggle source
               static VALUE
strio_syswrite_nonblock(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self)
    VALUE str;

    rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "10:", &str, NULL);
    return strio_syswrite(self, str);