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Used internally to indicate that a dependency conflicted with a spec that would be activated.



The specification that was activated prior to the conflict


The dependency that is in conflict with the activated gem.

Public Class Methods

new(dependency, activated, failed_dep=dependency) click to toggle source

Creates a new resolver conflict when dependency is in conflict with an already activated specification.

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 23
def initialize(dependency, activated, failed_dep=dependency)
  @dependency = dependency
  @activated = activated
  @failed_dep = failed_dep

Public Instance Methods

conflicting_dependencies() click to toggle source

Return the 2 dependency objects that conflicted

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 46
def conflicting_dependencies
  [@failed_dep.dependency, @activated.request.dependency]
explain() click to toggle source

A string explanation of the conflict.

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 39
def explain
  "<Conflict wanted: #{@failed_dep}, had: #{activated.spec.full_name}>"
explanation() click to toggle source

Explanation of the conflict used by exceptions to print useful messages

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 53
def explanation
  activated   = @activated.spec.full_name
  requirement = @failed_dep.dependency.requirement

  "  Activated %s via:\n    %s\n  instead of (%s) via:\n    %s\n" % [
    activated,   request_path(@activated).join(', '),
    requirement, request_path(requester).join(', '),
for_spec?(spec) click to toggle source

Returns true if the conflicting dependency’s name matches spec.

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 66
def for_spec?(spec) ==
request_path(current) click to toggle source

Path of activations from the current list.

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 94
def request_path current
  path = []

  while current do
    requirement = current.request.dependency.requirement
    path << "#{current.spec.full_name} (#{requirement})"

    current = current.parent

  path = ['user request (gem command or Gemfile)'] if path.empty?

requester() click to toggle source

Return the Specification that listed the dependency

               # File rubygems/resolver/conflict.rb, line 112
def requester

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