Support for the Ruby 2.1 series ended on March 31 2017. See here for details.

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A ComposedSet allows multiple sets to be queried like a single set.

To create a composed set with any number of sets use:

Gem::Resolver.compose_sets set1, set2

This method will eliminate nesting of composed sets.

Public Class Methods

new(*sets) click to toggle source

Creates a new ComposedSet containing sets. Use Gem::Resolver.compose_sets instead.

               # File rubygems/resolver/composed_set.rb, line 18
def initialize *sets
  @sets = sets

Public Instance Methods

find_all(req) click to toggle source

Finds all specs matching req in all sets.

               # File rubygems/resolver/composed_set.rb, line 25
def find_all req do |s|
    s.find_all req
prefetch(reqs) click to toggle source

Prefetches reqs in all sets.

               # File rubygems/resolver/composed_set.rb, line 34
def prefetch reqs
  @sets.each { |s| s.prefetch(reqs) }