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Cleans up after a partially-failed uninstall or for an invalid Gem::Specification.

If a specification was removed by hand this will remove any remaining files.

If a corrupt specification was installed this will clean up warnings by removing the bogus specification.

Public Class Methods

new(gem_repository, dry_run = false) click to toggle source

Creates a new Gem::Doctor that will clean up gem_repository. Only one gem repository may be cleaned at a time.

If dry_run is true no files or directories will be removed.

               # File rubygems/doctor.rb, line 43
def initialize gem_repository, dry_run = false
  @gem_repository = gem_repository
  @dry_run        = dry_run

  @installed_specs = nil

Public Instance Methods

doctor() click to toggle source

Cleans up uninstalled files and invalid gem specifications

               # File rubygems/doctor.rb, line 67
def doctor
  @orig_home = Gem.dir
  @orig_path = Gem.path

  say "Checking #{@gem_repository}"

  Gem.use_paths @gem_repository.to_s

  unless gem_repository? then
    say 'This directory does not appear to be a RubyGems repository, ' +


  Gem.use_paths @orig_home, *@orig_path
gem_repository?() click to toggle source

Are we doctoring a gem repository?

               # File rubygems/doctor.rb, line 60
def gem_repository?
  not installed_specs.empty?

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