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RSS 0.9 support

RSS has three different versions. This module contains support for version 0.9.1.

Producing RSS 0.9

Producing our own RSS feeds is easy as well. Let’s make a very basic feed:

require "rss"

rss = RSS::Maker.make("0.91") do |maker| = "en" = "matz" = = "" = "Example Feed" = "A longer description of my feed."
  maker.image.url = ""
  maker.image.title = "An image"
  maker.items.new_item do |item| = ""
    item.title = "Ruby 1.9.2-p136 is released"
    item.updated =

puts rss

As you can see, this is a very Builder-like DSL. This code will spit out an RSS 0.9 feed with one item. If we needed a second item, we’d make another block with maker.items.new_item and build a second one.



Public Class Methods

append_features(klass) click to toggle source
               # File rss/0.9.rb, line 42
def self.append_features(klass)

  klass.install_must_call_validator('', "")

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