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Outputs RDoc markup with hot backspace action! You will probably need a pager to use this output format.

This formatter won’t work on 1.8.6 because it lacks String#chars.

Public Class Methods

new(markup = nil) click to toggle source

Returns a new ToBs that is ready for hot backspace action!

               # File rdoc/markup/to_bs.rb, line 12
def initialize markup = nil

  @in_b  = false
  @in_em = false

Public Instance Methods

accept_heading(heading) click to toggle source

Makes heading text bold.

               # File rdoc/markup/to_bs.rb, line 32
def accept_heading heading
  use_prefix or @res << ' ' * @indent
  @res << @headings[heading.level][0]
  @in_b = true
  @res << attributes(heading.text)
  @in_b = false
  @res << @headings[heading.level][1]
  @res << "\n"
annotate(tag) click to toggle source

Turns on or off special handling for convert_string

               # File rdoc/markup/to_bs.rb, line 45
def annotate tag
  case tag
  when '+b' then @in_b = true
  when '-b' then @in_b = false
  when '+_' then @in_em = true
  when '-_' then @in_em = false
convert_special(special) click to toggle source

Calls #convert_string on the result of #convert_special

               # File rdoc/markup/to_bs.rb, line 58
def convert_special special
  convert_string super
convert_string(string) click to toggle source

Adds bold or underline mixed with backspaces

               # File rdoc/markup/to_bs.rb, line 65
def convert_string string
  return string unless string.respond_to? :chars # your ruby is lame
  return string unless @in_b or @in_em
  chars = if @in_b then
   do |char| "#{char}\b#{char}" end
          elsif @in_em then
   do |char| "_\b#{char}" end

init_tags() click to toggle source

Sets a flag that is picked up by annotate to do the right thing in convert_string

               # File rdoc/markup/to_bs.rb, line 23
def init_tags
  add_tag :BOLD, '+b', '-b'
  add_tag :EM,   '+_', '-_'
  add_tag :TT,   ''  , ''   # we need in_tt information maintained

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