In Files

  • rake/alt_system.rb
  • rake/application.rb
  • rake/backtrace.rb
  • rake/clean.rb
  • rake/cloneable.rb
  • rake/contrib/compositepublisher.rb
  • rake/contrib/ftptools.rb
  • rake/contrib/rubyforgepublisher.rb
  • rake/contrib/sshpublisher.rb
  • rake/default_loader.rb
  • rake/dsl_definition.rb
  • rake/early_time.rb
  • rake/ext/time.rb
  • rake/file_creation_task.rb
  • rake/file_list.rb
  • rake/file_task.rb
  • rake/file_utils.rb
  • rake/file_utils_ext.rb
  • rake/invocation_chain.rb
  • rake/invocation_exception_mixin.rb
  • rake/linked_list.rb
  • rake/loaders/makefile.rb
  • rake/multi_task.rb
  • rake/name_space.rb
  • rake/packagetask.rb
  • rake/phony.rb
  • rake/private_reader.rb
  • rake/promise.rb
  • rake/pseudo_status.rb
  • rake/rake_module.rb
  • rake/rule_recursion_overflow_error.rb
  • rake/runtest.rb
  • rake/scope.rb
  • rake/task.rb
  • rake/task_argument_error.rb
  • rake/task_arguments.rb
  • rake/task_manager.rb
  • rake/tasklib.rb
  • rake/testtask.rb
  • rake/thread_history_display.rb
  • rake/thread_pool.rb
  • rake/trace_output.rb
  • rake/version.rb
  • rake/win32.rb


Public Class Methods

add_rakelib(*files) click to toggle source

Add files to the rakelib list

               # File rake/rake_module.rb, line 29
def add_rakelib(*files)
  application.options.rakelib ||= []
  files.each do |file|
    application.options.rakelib << file
application() click to toggle source

Current Rake Application

               # File rake/rake_module.rb, line 9
def application
  @application ||=
application=(app) click to toggle source

Set the current Rake application object.

               # File rake/rake_module.rb, line 14
def application=(app)
  @application = app
load_rakefile(path) click to toggle source

Load a rakefile.

               # File rake/rake_module.rb, line 24
def load_rakefile(path)
original_dir() click to toggle source

Return the original directory where the Rake application was started.

               # File rake/rake_module.rb, line 19
def original_dir

Public Instance Methods

run_tests(pattern='test/test*.rb', log_enabled=false) click to toggle source
               # File rake/runtest.rb, line 8
def run_tests(pattern='test/test*.rb', log_enabled=false)
  FileList.glob(pattern).each do |fn|
    $stderr.puts fn if log_enabled
      require fn
    rescue Exception => ex
      $stderr.puts "Error in #{fn}: #{ex.message}"
      $stderr.puts ex.backtrace
      assert false

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