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An attribute created by #attr, #attr_reader, #attr_writer or #attr_accessor



Is the attribute readable (‘R’), writable (‘W’) or both (‘RW’)?

Public Class Methods

new(text, name, rw, comment, singleton = false) click to toggle source

Creates a new Attr with body text, name, read/write status rw and comment. singleton marks this as a class attribute.

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 24
def initialize(text, name, rw, comment, singleton = false)
  super text, name

  @rw = rw
  @singleton = singleton
  self.comment = comment

Public Instance Methods

==(other) click to toggle source

Attributes are equal when their names, singleton and rw are identical

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 35
def == other
  self.class == other.class and == and == and
    self.singleton == other.singleton
add_alias(an_alias, context) click to toggle source

Add an_alias as an attribute in context.

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 45
def add_alias(an_alias, context)
  new_attr =, an_alias.new_name,,
                            self.comment, self.singleton)

  new_attr.record_location an_alias.file
  new_attr.visibility = self.visibility
  new_attr.is_alias_for = self
  @aliases << new_attr
  context.add_attribute new_attr
aref_prefix() click to toggle source

The aref prefix for attributes

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 60
def aref_prefix
definition() click to toggle source

Returns attr_reader, attr_writer or attr_accessor as appropriate.

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 77
def definition
  case @rw
  when 'RW' then 'attr_accessor'
  when 'R'  then 'attr_reader'
  when 'W'  then 'attr_writer'
marshal_dump() click to toggle source

Dumps this Attr for use by ri. See also marshal_load

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 101
def marshal_dump
marshal_load(array) click to toggle source

Loads this Attr from array. For a loaded Attr the following methods will return cached values:

               # File rdoc/attr.rb, line 123
def marshal_load array

  @aliases      = []
  @parent       = nil
  @parent_name  = nil
  @parent_class = nil
  @section      = nil
  @file         = nil

  version        = array[0]
  @name          = array[1]
  @full_name     = array[2]
  @rw            = array[3]
  @visibility    = array[4]
  @comment       = array[5]
  @singleton     = array[6] || false # MARSHAL_VERSION == 0
  #                      7 handled below
  @parent_name   = array[8]
  @parent_class  = array[9]
  @section_title = array[10]

  @file = array[7] if version > 1

  @parent_name ||= @full_name.split('#', 2).first

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