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In Files

  • psych/lib/psych/core_ext.rb
  • psych/lib/psych/deprecated.rb



Public Class Methods

yaml_tag(url) click to toggle source
               # File psych/lib/psych/core_ext.rb, line 2
def self.yaml_tag url
  Psych.add_tag(url, self)

Public Instance Methods

to_yaml(options = {}) click to toggle source

Convert an object to YAML. See Psych.dump for more information on the available options.

               # File psych/lib/psych/core_ext.rb, line 13
def psych_to_yaml options = {}
  Psych.dump self, options
Also aliased as: to_yaml
to_yaml(options = {}) click to toggle source
Alias for: psych_to_yaml