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An abstract class for enumerating pseudo-prime numbers.

Concrete subclasses should override succ, next, rewind.

Public Class Methods

new(ubound = nil) click to toggle source
               # File prime.rb, line 244
def initialize(ubound = nil)
  @ubound = ubound

Public Instance Methods

each(&block) click to toggle source

Iterates the given block for each prime numbers.

               # File prime.rb, line 276
def each(&block)
  return self.dup unless block
  if @ubound
    last_value = nil
    loop do
      prime = succ
      break last_value if prime > @ubound
      last_value =
    loop do
next() click to toggle source

alias of succ.

               # File prime.rb, line 264
def next
  raise NotImplementedError, "need to define `next'"
rewind() click to toggle source

Rewinds the internal position for enumeration.

See Enumerator#rewind.

               # File prime.rb, line 271
def rewind
  raise NotImplementedError, "need to define `rewind'"
succ() click to toggle source

returns the next pseudo-prime number, and move the internal position forward.

PseudoPrimeGenerator#succ raises NotImplementedError.

               # File prime.rb, line 259
def succ
  raise NotImplementedError, "need to define `succ'"
upper_bound() click to toggle source
               # File prime.rb, line 251
def upper_bound
upper_bound=(ubound) click to toggle source
               # File prime.rb, line 248
def upper_bound=(ubound)
  @ubound = ubound
with_object(obj) click to toggle source

see Enumerator#with_object.

               # File prime.rb, line 296
def with_object(obj)
  return enum_for(:with_object) unless block_given?
  each do |prime|
    yield prime, obj

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