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Document-class: OpenSSL::X509::Store

The X509 certificate store holds trusted CA certificates used to verify
peer certificates.

The easiest way to create a useful certificate store is:

  cert_store =

This will use your system's built-in certificates.

If your system does not have a default set of certificates you can
obtain a set from Mozilla here:
(Note that this set does not have an HTTPS download option so you may
wish to use the script to extract the certificates
from a local install to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks.)

After downloading or generating a cacert.pem from the above link you
can create a certificate store from the pem file like this:

  cert_store =
  cert_store.add_file 'cacert.pem'

The certificate store can be used with an SSLSocket like this:

  ssl_context =
  ssl_context.cert_store = cert_store

  tcp_socket = '', 443

  ssl_socket = tcp_socket, ssl_context

Public Instance Methods

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               # File openssl/lib/openssl/x509.rb, line 157
def cleanup
  warn "(#{caller.first}) OpenSSL::X509::StoreContext#cleanup is deprecated with no replacement" if $VERBOSE