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Public Class Methods

deprecate(name, repl, year, month) click to toggle source

Simple deprecation method that deprecates name by wrapping it up in a dummy method. It warns on each call to the dummy method telling the user of repl (unless repl is :none) and the year/month that it is planned to go away.

               # File rubygems/deprecate.rb, line 50
def deprecate name, repl, year, month
  class_eval {
    old = "_deprecated_#{name}"
    alias_method old, name
    define_method name do |*args, &block| # TODO: really works on 1.8.7?
      klass = self.kind_of? Module
      target = klass ? "#{self}." : "#{self.class}#"
      msg = [ "NOTE: #{target}#{name} is deprecated",
        repl == :none ? " with no replacement" : ", use #{repl}",
        ". It will be removed on or after %4d-%02d-01." % [year, month],
        "\n#{target}#{name} called from #{Gem.location_of_caller.join(":")}",
      warn "#{msg.join}." unless Gem::Deprecate.skip
      send old, *args, &block
skip_during() click to toggle source

Temporarily turn off warnings. Intended for tests only.

               # File rubygems/deprecate.rb, line 37
def skip_during
  Gem::Deprecate.skip, original = true, Gem::Deprecate.skip
  Gem::Deprecate.skip = original