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RDoc::Task creates the following rake tasks to generate and clean up RDoc output:


Main task for this RDoc task.


Delete all the rdoc files. This target is automatically added to the main clobber target.


Rebuild the rdoc files from scratch, even if they are not out of date.

Simple Example:

gem 'rdoc'
require 'rdoc/task'

RDoc::Task.new do |rdoc|
  rdoc.main = "README.rdoc"
  rdoc.rdoc_files.include("README.rdoc", "lib   /*.rb")

The rdoc object passed to the block is an RDoc::Task object. See the attributes list for the RDoc::Task class for available customization options.

Specifying different task names

You may wish to give the task a different name, such as if you are generating two sets of documentation. For instance, if you want to have a development set of documentation including private methods:

gem 'rdoc'
require 'rdoc/task'

RDoc::Task.new :rdoc_dev do |rdoc|
  rdoc.main = "README.doc"
  rdoc.rdoc_files.include("README.rdoc", "lib/   *.rb")
  rdoc.options << "--all"

The tasks would then be named :rdoc_dev, :clobber_rdoc_dev, and :rerdoc_dev.

If you wish to have completely different task names, then pass a Hash as first argument. With the :rdoc, :clobber_rdoc and :rerdoc options, you can customize the task names to your liking.

For example:

gem 'rdoc'
require 'rdoc/task'

RDoc::Task.new(:rdoc => "rdoc", :clobber_rdoc => "rdoc:clean",
               :rerdoc => "rdoc:force")

This will create the tasks :rdoc, :rdoc:clean and :rdoc:force.



Whether to run the rdoc process as an external shell (default is false)


Name of format generator (–fmt) used by rdoc. (defaults to rdoc’s default)


Name of file to be used as the main, top level file of the RDoc. (default is none)


Name of the main, top level task. (default is :rdoc)


Additional list of options to be passed rdoc. (default is [])


Name of directory to receive the html output files. (default is “html”)


List of files to be included in the rdoc generation. (default is [])


Name of template to be used by rdoc. (defaults to rdoc’s default)


Title of RDoc documentation. (defaults to rdoc’s default)

Public Class Methods

new(name = :rdoc) click to toggle source

Create an RDoc task with the given name. See the RDoc::Task class overview for documentation.

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 151
def initialize name = :rdoc # :yield: self

  check_names name

  @name = name

  yield self if block_given?


Public Instance Methods

before_running_rdoc(&block) click to toggle source

The block passed to this method will be called just before running the RDoc generator. It is allowed to modify RDoc::Task attributes inside the block.

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 269
def before_running_rdoc(&block)
  @before_running_rdoc = block
check_names(names) click to toggle source

Ensures that names only includes names for the :rdoc, :clobber_rdoc and :rerdoc. If other names are given an ArgumentError is raised.

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 167
def check_names names
  return unless Hash === names

  invalid_options =
    names.keys.map { |k| k.to_sym } - [:rdoc, :clobber_rdoc, :rerdoc]

  unless invalid_options.empty? then
    raise ArgumentError, "invalid options: #{invalid_options.join ', '}"
clobber_task_description() click to toggle source

Task description for the clobber rdoc task or its renamed equivalent

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 181
def clobber_task_description
  "Remove RDoc HTML files"
defaults() click to toggle source

Sets default task values

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 188
def defaults
  @name = :rdoc
  @rdoc_files = Rake::FileList.new
  @rdoc_dir = 'html'
  @main = nil
  @title = nil
  @template = nil
  @generator = nil
  @options = []
define() click to toggle source

Create the tasks defined by this task lib.

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 217
def define
  desc rdoc_task_description
  task rdoc_task_name

  desc rerdoc_task_description
  task rerdoc_task_name => [clobber_task_name, rdoc_task_name]

  desc clobber_task_description
  task clobber_task_name do
    rm_r @rdoc_dir rescue nil

  task :clobber => [clobber_task_name]

  directory @rdoc_dir

  rdoc_target_deps = [

  task rdoc_task_name => [rdoc_target]
  file rdoc_target => rdoc_target_deps do
    @before_running_rdoc.call if @before_running_rdoc
    args = option_list + @rdoc_files

    $stderr.puts "rdoc #{args.join ' '}" if Rake.application.options.trace
    require 'rdoc/rdoc'
    RDoc::RDoc.new.document args

option_list() click to toggle source

List of options that will be supplied to RDoc

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 254
def option_list
  result = @options.dup
  result << "-o"      << @rdoc_dir
  result << "--main"  << main      if main
  result << "--title" << title     if title
  result << "-T"      << template  if template
  result << '-f'      << generator if generator
rdoc_task_description() click to toggle source

Task description for the rdoc task or its renamed equivalent

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 276
def rdoc_task_description
  'Build RDoc HTML files'
rerdoc_task_description() click to toggle source

Task description for the rerdoc task or its renamed description

               # File rdoc/task.rb, line 283
def rerdoc_task_description
  "Rebuild RDoc HTML files"

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