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In Files

  • iconv/iconv.c


Base attributes for Iconv exceptions.

Public Class Methods

new(to, from, [options]) click to toggle source

Creates new code converter from a coding-system designated with from to another one designated with to.



encoding name for destination


encoding name for source


options for converter



if to or from aren't String


if designated converter couldn't find out


if iconv_open(3) fails

               static VALUE
iconv_failure_initialize(VALUE error, VALUE mesg, VALUE success, VALUE failed)
    rb_call_super(1, &mesg);
    rb_ivar_set(error, rb_success, success);
    rb_ivar_set(error, rb_failed, failed);
    return error;

Public Instance Methods

failed click to toggle source

Returns substring of the original string passed to Iconv that starts at the character caused the exception.

               static VALUE
iconv_failure_failed(VALUE self)
    return rb_attr_get(self, rb_failed);
inspect click to toggle source

Returns inspected string like as: #<class: success, failed>

               static VALUE
iconv_failure_inspect(VALUE self)
    const char *cname = rb_class2name(CLASS_OF(self));
    VALUE success = rb_attr_get(self, rb_success);
    VALUE failed = rb_attr_get(self, rb_failed);
    VALUE str = rb_str_buf_cat2(rb_str_new2("#<"), cname);
    str = rb_str_buf_cat(str, ": ", 2);
    str = rb_str_buf_append(str, rb_inspect(success));
    str = rb_str_buf_cat(str, ", ", 2);
    str = rb_str_buf_append(str, rb_inspect(failed));
    return rb_str_buf_cat(str, ">", 1);
success click to toggle source

Returns string(s) translated successfully until the exception occurred.

  • In the case of failure occurred within Iconv.iconv, returned value is an array of strings translated successfully preceding failure and the last element is string on the way.

               static VALUE
iconv_failure_success(VALUE self)
    return rb_attr_get(self, rb_success);