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GemPathSearcher has the capability to find loadable files inside gems. It generates data up front to speed up searches later.

Public Class Methods

new() click to toggle source

Initialise the data we need to make searches later.

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 10
def initialize
  # We want a record of all the installed gemspecs, in the order we wish to
  # examine them.
  @gemspecs = init_gemspecs

  # Map gem spec to glob of full require_path directories.  Preparing this
  # information may speed up searches later.
  @lib_dirs = {}

  @gemspecs.each do |spec|
    @lib_dirs[spec.object_id] = lib_dirs_for spec

Public Instance Methods

find(path) click to toggle source

Look in all the installed gems until a matching path is found. Return the gemspec of the gem where it was found. If no match is found, return nil.

The gems are searched in alphabetical order, and in reverse version order.

For example:

find('log4r')              # -> (log4r-1.1 spec)
find('log4r.rb')           # -> (log4r-1.1 spec)
find('rake/rdoctask')      # -> (rake-0.4.12 spec)
find('foobarbaz')          # -> nil

Matching paths can have various suffixes ('.rb', '.so', and others), which may or may not already be attached to file. This method doesn't care about the full filename that matches; only that there is a match.

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 44
def find(path)
  @gemspecs.find do |spec| matching_file? spec, path end
find_all(path) click to toggle source

Works like find, but finds all gemspecs matching path.

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 51
def find_all(path)
  @gemspecs.select do |spec|
    matching_file? spec, path
init_gemspecs() click to toggle source

Return a list of all installed gemspecs, sorted by alphabetical order and in reverse version order. (bar-2, bar-1, foo-2)

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 80
def init_gemspecs
  specs = Gem.source_index.map { |_, spec| spec }

  specs.sort { |a, b|
    names = a.name <=> b.name
    next names if names.nonzero?
    b.version <=> a.version
lib_dirs_for(spec) click to toggle source

Returns library directories glob for a gemspec. For example,

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 94
def lib_dirs_for(spec)
  "#{spec.full_gem_path}/{#{spec.require_paths.join(',')}}" if
matching_file?(spec, path) click to toggle source

Attempts to find a matching path using the require_paths of the given spec.

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 61
def matching_file?(spec, path)
  !matching_files(spec, path).empty?
matching_files(spec, path) click to toggle source

Returns files matching path in spec.

               # File rubygems/gem_path_searcher.rb, line 70
def matching_files(spec, path)
  return [] unless @lib_dirs[spec.object_id] # case no paths
  glob = File.join @lib_dirs[spec.object_id], "#{path}#{Gem.suffix_pattern}"
  Dir[glob].select { |f| File.file? f.untaint }