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Public Class Methods

autorun() click to toggle source

Registers MiniTest::Unit to run tests at process exit

               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 497
def self.autorun
  at_exit {
    next if $! # don't run if there was an exception

    # the order here is important. The at_exit handler must be
    # installed before anyone else gets a chance to install their
    # own, that way we can be assured that our exit will be last
    # to run (at_exit stacks).
    exit_code = nil

    at_exit { exit false if exit_code && exit_code != 0 }
    exit_code = MiniTest::Unit.new.run(ARGV)
  } unless @@installed_at_exit
  @@installed_at_exit = true
output=(stream) click to toggle source

Sets MiniTest::Unit to write output to stream. $stdout is the default output

               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 517
def self.output= stream
  @@out = stream

Public Instance Methods

process_args(args = []) click to toggle source
               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 557
def process_args args = []
  options = {}

  OptionParser.new do |opts|
    opts.banner  = 'minitest options:'
    opts.version = MiniTest::Unit::VERSION

    opts.on '-h', '--help', 'Display this help.' do
      puts opts

    opts.on '-s', '--seed SEED', Integer, "Sets random seed" do |m|
      options[:seed] = m.to_i

    opts.on '-v', '--verbose', "Verbose. Show progress processing files." do
      options[:verbose] = true

    opts.on '-n', '--name PATTERN', "Filter test names on pattern." do |a|
      options[:filter] = a

    opts.parse args

puke(klass, meth, e) click to toggle source

Writes status for failed test meth in klass which finished with exception e

               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 534
def puke klass, meth, e
  e = case e
      when MiniTest::Skip then
        @skips += 1
        "Skipped:\n#{meth}(#{klass}) [#{location e}]:\n#{e.message}\n"
      when MiniTest::Assertion then
        @failures += 1
        "Failure:\n#{meth}(#{klass}) [#{location e}]:\n#{e.message}\n"
        @errors += 1
        bt = MiniTest::filter_backtrace(e.backtrace).join("\n    ")
        "Error:\n#{meth}(#{klass}):\n#{e.class}: #{e.message}\n    #{bt}\n"
  @report << e
  e[0, 1]
run(args = []) click to toggle source

Top level driver, controls all output and filtering.

               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 590
def run args = []
  options = process_args args

  @verbose = options[:verbose]

  filter = options[:filter] || '/./'
  filter = Regexp.new $1 if filter and filter =~ /\/(.*)\//

  seed = options[:seed]
  unless seed then
    seed = srand % 0xFFFF

  srand seed

  @@out.puts "Loaded suite #{$0.sub(/\.rb$/, '')}\nStarted"

  start = Time.now
  run_test_suites filter

  @@out.puts "Finished in #{'%.6f' % (Time.now - start)} seconds."

  @report.each_with_index do |msg, i|
    @@out.puts "\n%3d) %s" % [i + 1, msg]




  help = ["--seed", seed]
  help.push "--verbose" if @verbose
  help.push("--name", options[:filter].inspect) if options[:filter]

  @@out.puts "Test run options: #{help.join(" ")}"

  return failures + errors if @test_count > 0 # or return nil...
rescue Interrupt
  abort 'Interrupted'
run_test_suites(filter = /./) click to toggle source

Runs test suites matching filter

               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 646
def run_test_suites filter = /./
  @test_count, @assertion_count = 0, 0
  old_sync, @@out.sync = @@out.sync, true if @@out.respond_to? :sync=
  TestCase.test_suites.each do |suite|
    suite.test_methods.grep(filter).each do |test|
      inst = suite.new test
      inst._assertions = 0
      @@out.print "#{suite}##{test}: " if @verbose

      @start_time = Time.now
      result = inst.run(self)

      @@out.print "%.2f s: " % (Time.now - @start_time) if @verbose
      @@out.print result
      @@out.puts if @verbose
      @test_count += 1
      @assertion_count += inst._assertions
  @@out.sync = old_sync if @@out.respond_to? :sync=
  [@test_count, @assertion_count]
status(io = @@out) click to toggle source

Writes status to io

               # File minitest/unit.rb, line 638
def status io = @@out
  format = "%d tests, %d assertions, %d failures, %d errors, %d skips"
  io.puts format % [test_count, assertion_count, failures, errors, skips]

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