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  • json/lib/json/editor.rb


This module bundles some method, that can be used to create a menu. It should be included into the class in question.



Returns the Gtk::TreeView of this menu.

Public Class Methods

new(treeview) click to toggle source

Creates a Menu, that includes MenuExtension. treeview is the Gtk::TreeView, on which it operates.

               # File json/lib/json/editor.rb, line 212
def initialize(treeview)
  @treeview = treeview
  @menu = Menu.new

Public Instance Methods

add_item(label, keyval = nil, klass = MenuItem, &callback) click to toggle source

Adds a Gtk::MenuItem to this instance’s menu. label is the label string, klass is the item type, and callback is the procedure, that is called if the item is activated.

               # File json/lib/json/editor.rb, line 231
def add_item(label, keyval = nil, klass = MenuItem, &callback)
  label = "#{label} (C-#{keyval.chr})" if keyval
  item = klass.new(label)
  item.signal_connect(:activate, &callback)
  if keyval
    self.signal_connect(:'key-press-event') do |item, event|
      if event.state & Gdk::Window::ModifierType::CONTROL_MASK != 0 and
        event.keyval == keyval
        callback.call item
  menu.append item
add_separator() click to toggle source

Adds a Gtk::SeparatorMenuItem to this instance’s menu.

               # File json/lib/json/editor.rb, line 224
def add_separator
  menu.append SeparatorMenuItem.new
create() click to toggle source

This method should be implemented in subclasses to create the menu of this instance. It has to be called after an instance of this class is created, to build the menu.

               # File json/lib/json/editor.rb, line 250
def create
  raise NotImplementedError
method_missing(*a, &b) click to toggle source
               # File json/lib/json/editor.rb, line 254
def method_missing(*a, &b)
  treeview.__send__(*a, &b)

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