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  • cgi/session.rb



Dummy session storage class.

Implements session storage place holder. No actual storage will be done.

Public Class Methods

new(session, option=nil) click to toggle source

Create a new NullStore instance.

session is the session this instance is associated with. option is a list of initialisation options. None are currently recognised.

               # File cgi/session.rb, line 510
def initialize(session, option=nil)

Public Instance Methods

close() click to toggle source

Close session storage.

A no-op.

               # File cgi/session.rb, line 527
def close
delete() click to toggle source

Delete the session state.

A no-op.

               # File cgi/session.rb, line 533
def delete
restore() click to toggle source

Restore (empty) session state.

               # File cgi/session.rb, line 514
def restore
update() click to toggle source

Update session state.

A no-op.

               # File cgi/session.rb, line 521
def update