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Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 by Michael Neumann (

Released under the same term of license as Ruby.




Is the base class for all XML-RPC server-types (CGI, standalone). You can add handler and set a default handler. Do not use this server, as this is/should be an abstract class.

How the method to call is found

The arity (number of accepted arguments) of a handler (method or (({Proc})) object) is compared to the given arguments submitted by the client for a RPC ((-Remote Procedure Call-)). A handler is only called if it accepts the number of arguments, otherwise the search for another handler will go on. When at the end no handler was found, the ((<default_handler|XMLRPC::BasicServer#set_default_handler>)) will be called. With this technique it is possible to do overloading by number of parameters, but only for (({Proc})) handler, because you cannot define two methods of the same name in the same class.

Class Methods