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  • test/unit/testresult.rb
  • test/unit/ui/console/testrunner.rb
  • test/unit/ui/fox/testrunner.rb
  • test/unit/ui/gtk/testrunner.rb
  • test/unit/ui/gtk2/testrunner.rb
  • test/unit/ui/testrunnermediator.rb
  • test/unit/ui/tk/testrunner.rb


Collects Test::Unit::Failure and Test::Unit::Error so that they can be displayed to the user. To this end, observers can be added to it, allowing the dynamic updating of, say, a UI.





Public Class Methods

new() click to toggle source

Constructs a new, empty TestResult.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 24
def initialize
  @run_count, @assertion_count = 0, 0
  @failures, @errors = Array.new, Array.new

Public Instance Methods

add_assertion() click to toggle source

Records an individual assertion.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 50
def add_assertion
  @assertion_count += 1
  notify_listeners(CHANGED, self)
add_error(error) click to toggle source

Records a Test::Unit::Error.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 43
def add_error(error)
  @errors << error
  notify_listeners(FAULT, error)
  notify_listeners(CHANGED, self)
add_failure(failure) click to toggle source

Records a Test::Unit::Failure.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 36
def add_failure(failure)
  @failures << failure
  notify_listeners(FAULT, failure)
  notify_listeners(CHANGED, self)
add_run() click to toggle source

Records a test run.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 30
def add_run
  @run_count += 1
  notify_listeners(CHANGED, self)
error_count() click to toggle source

Returns the number of errors this TestResult has recorded.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 75
def error_count
  return @errors.size
failure_count() click to toggle source

Returns the number of failures this TestResult has recorded.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 69
def failure_count
  return @failures.size
passed?() click to toggle source

Returns whether or not this TestResult represents successful completion.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 63
def passed?
  return @failures.empty? && @errors.empty?
to_s() click to toggle source

Returns a string contain the recorded runs, assertions, failures and errors in this TestResult.

               # File test/unit/testresult.rb, line 57
def to_s
  "#{run_count} tests, #{assertion_count} assertions, #{failure_count} failures, #{error_count} errors"

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