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Handle common markup tasks for the various Html classes

Public Instance Methods

cvs_url(url, full_path) click to toggle source

Build a webcvs URL with the given ‘url’ argument. URLs with a ‘%s’ in them get the file’s path sprintfed into them; otherwise they’re just catenated together.

               # File rdoc/generators/html_generator.rb, line 272
def cvs_url(url, full_path)
  if /%s/ =~ url
    return sprintf( url, full_path )
    return url + full_path
markup(str, remove_para=false) click to toggle source

Convert a string in markup format into HTML. We keep a cached SimpleMarkup object lying around after the first time we’re called per object.

               # File rdoc/generators/html_generator.rb, line 209
    def markup(str, remove_para=false)
      return '' unless str
      unless defined? @markup
        @markup = SM::SimpleMarkup.new

        # class names, variable names, or instance variables
                               \w+(::\w+)*[.\#]\w+(\([\.\w+\*\/\+\-\=\<\>]+\))?  # A::B.meth(**) (for operator in Fortran95)
                             | \#\w+(\([.\w\*\/\+\-\=\<\>]+\))?  #  meth(**) (for operator in Fortran95)
                             | \b([A-Z]\w*(::\w+)*[.\#]\w+)  #    A::B.meth
                             | \b([A-Z]\w+(::\w+)*)       #    A::B..
                             | \#\w+[!?=]?                #    #meth_name 
                             | \b\w+([_\/\.]+\w+)*[!?=]?  #    meth_name

        # external hyperlinks
        @markup.add_special(/((link:|https?:|mailto:|ftp:|www\.)\S+\w)/, :HYPERLINK)

        # and links of the form  <text>[<url>]
        @markup.add_special(/(((\{.*?\})|\b\S+?)\[\S+?\.\S+?\])/, :TIDYLINK)
#        @markup.add_special(/\b(\S+?\[\S+?\.\S+?\])/, :TIDYLINK)

      unless defined? @html_formatter
        @html_formatter = HyperlinkHtml.new(self.path, self)

      # Convert leading comment markers to spaces, but only
      # if all non-blank lines have them

      if str =~ /^(?>\s*)[^\#]/
        content = str
        content = str.gsub(/^\s*(#+)/)  { $1.tr('#',' ') }

      res = @markup.convert(content, @html_formatter)
      if remove_para
        res.sub!(/^<p>/, '')
        res.sub!(/<\/p>$/, '')
style_url(path, css_name=nil) click to toggle source

Qualify a stylesheet URL; if if css_name does not begin with ‘/’ or ‘http://’, prepend a prefix relative to path. Otherwise, return it unmodified.

               # File rdoc/generators/html_generator.rb, line 258
    def style_url(path, css_name=nil)
#      $stderr.puts "style_url( #{path.inspect}, #{css_name.inspect} )"
      css_name ||= CSS_NAME
      if %r{^(https?:/)?/} =~ css_name
        return css_name
        return HTMLGenerator.gen_url(path, css_name)

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