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C API Reference

This is a C API Reference. The structure of this document will follow the directory structure of include/ directory.

Headers list

Header name|Features -----------|-------- mrbconf.h|Defines macros for mruby configurations. mruby.h|Main header of mruby C API. Include this first. mruby/array.h|Array class. mruby/class.h|Class class. mruby/compile.h|mruby compiler. mruby/data.h|User defined object. mruby/debug.h|Debugging. mruby/dump.h|Dumping compiled mruby script. mruby/error.h|Error handling. mruby/gc.h|Uncommon memory management stuffs. mruby/hash.h|Hash class. mruby/irep.h|Compiled mruby script. mruby/khash.h|Defines of khash which is used in hash table of mruby. mruby/numeric.h|Numeric class and sub-classes of it. mruby/opode.h|Operation codes used in mruby VM. mruby/proc.h|Proc class. mruby/range.h|Range class. mruby/re.h|Regexp class. mruby/string.h|String class. mruby/value.h|mrb_value functions and macros. mruby/variable.h|Functions to access to mruby variables. mruby/version.h|Macros of mruby version.

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