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Raised when Ruby can't yield as requested.

A typical scenario is attempting to yield when no block is given:

def call_block
  yield 42

raises the exception:

LocalJumpError: no block given (yield)

A more subtle example:

def get_me_a_return { return 42 }

raises the exception:

LocalJumpError: unexpected return

Public Instance Methods

exit_value() click to toggle source


local_jump_error.exit_value  -> obj

Returns the exit value associated with this LocalJumpError.

               static VALUE
localjump_xvalue(VALUE exc)
    return rb_iv_get(exc, "@exit_value");
reason → symbol click to toggle source

The reason this block was terminated: :break, :redo, :retry, :next, :return, or :noreason.

               static VALUE
localjump_reason(VALUE exc)
    return rb_iv_get(exc, "@reason");